Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 9-26-2012

Discussion: 97% Junk DNA and Non-Coding RNA Reawakens. Also, Cerebral Palsy symptoms noticeably diminished as well as other topics including:

5:03 – How to use ReAline

9:39 – What Carolyn has noticed since using RnA Drops

16:00 – How genetic anomalies may be corrected by giving the cells new information

20:54 – How to use magnesium properly to assist ATP production and cellular function

29:32 – How to use RnA Drops to enhance creativity and joy

40:07 – Support for mouth, teeth, gums

50:58 – Cerebal Palsy testimonial – Andrew

57:02 – Within the first 10 days – Candy testimonial

60:00 – Addressing flu symptoms

Testimonial: Cerebral Palsy RnA Drops Testimonial

Testimonial: Candy – Chart Your Success

Archive: dr-carolyn-dean-live-9-26-2012

Transcript: Live with Dr Carolyn Dean Show Transcript 9-26-2012

References:  Non-coding DNA, Junk DNA Has a Higher Purpose, Hidden Treasures in Junk DNA


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