Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 10-08-12

Introduction:  Total Biology and the Conflict Basis of Disease where Disease is the Solution not the Cause. Dr. Dean discusses Total Biology and  Breast cancer in women [3:36] as well as:

11:41 How joy and blissful feelings support health and well-being

12:56 Discussion about RnA Drops and gluten intolerance

16:18 Bio Feedback for Hypothyroidism

25:20 Healthy alternative – use RnA Drops in eyewash for cataracts

40:00 Dietary proteins that support cell function and replication

49:28 Lengthy discussion on magnesium efficiency in treating pain

Listen to a testimonial: Relaxing Effect of ReMag 10-8-12 

Hear the Show Archive:  dr-carolyn-dean-archive-10-8-2012

Transcript:  Carolyn Dean Live Radio Archive 10-8-2012

Articles: Huffington Post – Magnesium is Critical for Bones





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