Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 11-5-12

Presentation: General information about RNA Drops, RNA Drops replenish themselves [3:55], information on gluten sensitivity, sublingual vs. dermal application of RNA Drops, TMJ,  contrast and healing responses, The Completement Products and diabetes, testimonials about RNA Drops and ReMag [15:10]

1:17 general information about RNA Drops

3:55 RNA Drops replenishes itself and the concept of manna

8:10 gluten sensitivity and ReNew

19:11 RNA Drops, ReMag and TMJ

24:13 healing response to products and transitioning

41:43 magnesium and diabetes

Listen to this testimonial:  Anne, a new customer, talks about well-being at 15:10

Listen to the Archive: Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 11-5-12

Transcript:  Dr Carolyn Dean Transcript 11-5-12


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