Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 11-12-12

Presentation: Discussions regarding heart/lung challenges, GMOs, depression relief testimonial [14:30], gaining weight after taking RNA Drops, testimonial about improvement in knee reconstruction after taking products [55:52]

00:40 heart and lung issues connected to exposure to GMOs

14:30 Testimonial regarding RnA Drops and ReMag for depression

30:03 treating depression with vitamins and minerals; Empower Plus 

43:48 gaining weight on the drops and earthing energy

55:52 improvements in reconstructed knee with RnA Drops and ReMag

Listen to this testimonial:  Scott talks about relieving depression and despondency with RnA Drops, Completement Products, and Empower Plus [14:30]

Listen to the Archive:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 11-12-12

Transcript:  Dr Carolyn Dean Transcript 11-12-12

Resource: for Empower Plus

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