Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 11-14-12

Presentation: Audio begins with discussion of RnA Drops, Celiac Disease, and Gluten Sensitivity; continues with the concepts of balance within the environment and engaging and organizing 98% of your genetic material as goals of RnA Drops; lengthy information about Dr. Stephanie Senoff’s Taurine Presentation; importance of sulfur and precursors to glutathione in ReAline; more discussion of RnA Drops and Empower Plus for Depression; mentions RnA Drops, probiotics, and your gut; beginning discussion of RnA Drops and animals.

2:01 RnA Drops, Celiac Disease, and gluten sensitivity

5:25 D-Cell/I-Block water purifiers; Drops balancing, engaging, and organizing

14:08 ReAline and Taurine. Dr. Stephanie Senoff’s Taurine Presentation

32:50 Depression, RnA Drops, Completement Products, Empower Plus

40:12 Gut issues, probiotics, and RnA Drops

49:22 RnA Drops and animals

53:52 ReAline and magnesium

58:17 Yeast overgrowth

Listen to the Archive:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 11-14-12

Transcript:  Dr Carolyn Dean Transcript 11-14-12

Resource: Presentation on Taurine

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