Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 11-19-12

Presentation: Health challenges such as high blood pressure, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Stroke, and Loss of Kidney Function. Testimonial regarding IBS improvements [13:33]. Detailed information about ReAline.

00:52 ReMag and RnA Drops for support of someone with High Blood Pressure

13:33 Irritable Bowel Syndrome discussion with testimonial

30:47 RnA Drops and ReNew as support for stroke and kidney function

45:19 Details about ReAline

52:06 Methionine and Taurine in RnA Drops

53:55 Methylated B Vitamins

Listen to this testimonial:  Alex’s IBS Testimonial at 13:33

Listen to the Archive: Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 11-19-12

Transcript:  Dr Carolyn Dean Transcript 11-19-12


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