Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 12-3-12

Presentation: What is RnA Drops and ReMag about? Fragrance sensitivity, yeast overgrowth, and neti pot treatments. Telomeres. Epigenetics. Testimonial about vein issues and swollen prostate [26:52]. Heart palpitations and ReMag. Detox reactions from environmental stressors. Magnesium comparisons. Importance of protein with the RnA Drops.

2:01 What are RnA Drops and ReMag about?

8:18 fragrance sensitivity and yeast overgrowth; neti pot treatments

14:57 RnA Drops and telomeres; genetics vs. epigenetics 

26:52 Mike’s testimonial about mobility, vein issues, swollen prostate.

37:08 heart palpitations and magnesium

47:35 detox reactions to environmental stressors

55:56 comparison of magnesiums

57:17 importance of protein when eating RnA Drops

Listen to this testimonial: Mike’s testimonial about vein issues and swollen prostate. [26:52]

Listen to the Archive:  Live with Dr. Carolyn Dean 12-3-12

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Transcript 12-3-12


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