Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 1-14-13

Presentation: ReNew and skin care, the “No”cebo effect of doctors making pronouncements over you, non-physical dimensions of RnA Drops, secondary benefits of I-Cell creation, sleep apnea, the importance of magnesium, yeast overgrowth, evolving with environment, Fluoride, Fukishima radiation

2:22 ReNew and skin care

11:35 non-physical genesis of RnA Drops, benefits of magnesium, protonome study, yeast overgrowth

39:52 Sleep Apnea, yeast overgrowth in sciences, allergies

53:39 Bob on RnA Drops

1:04:00 environmental stressors and RnA Drops

1:06:07 Fluoride is bad for you.

1:10:39 Fukishima radiation stories, GMOs

1:14:29 cold fusion battery

Listen to the Archive:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 1-14-13

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 1-14-13


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