Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 1-21-13

Presentation: Magnesium deficiency symptoms, sea salt in drinking water, ReNew and skin challenges, pre-cancerous skin conditions, nocebo effect of doctor’s pronouncements, homeopathic version of RnA Drops, ReMag testimonial [23:12], “I can’t feel anything with the drops.”, ReAline and amino acids, RnA Drops testimonial [41:01], degenerative disk testimonial [52:16], RnA Drops and environmental stressors

1:27 Magnesium deficiency symptoms, sea salt in drinking water

14:52 ReNew, skin challenges, and pre-cancerous skin spots; homeopathic version of RnA Drops

23:12 Lisa’s testimonial about anxiety, heavy metal detox, and ReMag

28:57 “I don’t feel anything”

34:65 Amino acids and ReAline

41:01 Adrian’s RnA Drops testimonial about healing sleep

52:16 Bobbie’s degenerative disk testimonial

57:37 RnA Drops, MSG, and Fluoride

Listen to this testimonial:  Bobbie’s degenerative disk testimonial [52:16]

Listen to the Archive:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 1-21-13

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 1-21-13


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