Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 3-11-13

Presentation: Testimonial fest [1:54] [19:30] [40:30] [44:40] [52:29]; detoxing through your skin; go slow starting with RnA Drops to avoid anxiety; body adjusting to environmental stressors with RnA Drops; Fukishima radiation example; using RnA Drops internally and ReNew topically together; Urinary Tract Infection; products used to deal with possible fibromyalgia; Lymes Disease

1:54 Mike’s testimonial about skin rash disappearing after applying ReMag to his skin

5:33 detoxing through your skin and what to do to support your body balancing

11:00 go slow with RnA Drops; too much, too fast can speed you up

19:30 testimony about mellowing out with RnA Drops

22:58 body adjusts to environmental stressors with RnA Drops; example reports of being able to handle Fukishima radiation; using RnA Drops internally and ReNew topically together

34:07 Urinary Tract Infection

40:30 testimony about neuropathy improving with ReMag

44:40 RnA Drops used in care for wounded pet testimonial

48:45 Hypersensitivity and pain, possible fibromyalgia which she is neverminding

52:29 RnA Drops testimonial about more clarity, ease, vivid dreams, parallel world traveling

59:00 Lymes Disease

1:02:51 Positive effects of ReMag on muscle spasms, eye twitches, heart palpitations; Magensium Advocacy Group on Facebook

Listen to this testimonial:  Lee’s testimonial about pet wound care [44:40]

Listen to the Archive: Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 3-11-13 

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 3-11-13

Resource: (Magnesium Advocacy Group)

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