Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 7-15-13 Hour 1

Presentation: Program focuses on cancer, body toxicity, detoxing with RnA Drops and the Completement Products; environmental changes including desert greening as a result of increased CO2 levels; testimonial about improvement in pancreas and liver after cancer diagnosis [34:39]; testimonial about body changing the way it processes junk on the products [49:55]

6:11 Cancer cells and body toxicity; RnA Drops and Completement Products taking out the trash so that new cells can form; Cell 8 patent; discussion about super sugar; healing reaction to tumors breakdown and how to deal with toxicity

28:02 CO2 levels rising; Australian article about effects of CO2 on the desert – it’s greening up; can water plants with drops and they become stronger

34:39 Father fell and broke hip; walks with walker; mysteriously losing blood; suggest cayenne pepper to stop bleeding; testimonial that cancer of pancreas and liver improving after being on products; in Total Biology the pancreas is about inheritance and the liver is about fear; stepping back from cancer as a fatal condition

40:55 Tinnitus is build up of calcium in the bones of the ear; perfect application for ReMag

45:00 Peanut allergy

49:55 Products have changed the way my body is processing junk; example of using effexor and body rejecting it; products supported my body detoxing the effexor

Listen to this testimonial: American Realist’s testimonial about his body changing the way it processes toxins and how this has positively effected his body [49:55]

Listen to the Archive:  2013-07-15-1600-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 7-15-13-1


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