Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 7-15-13 Hour 2

Presentation: The Magnesium Miracle on; nausea, digestive issues, gall bladder imbalance; health spending and disease care; ALS and magnesium deficiency

2:41 What is the biggest misconception about magnesium? People don’t believe that simple minerals can make such a huge difference; The Magnesium Miracle presentation on

6:24 Nausea on ReMyte is probably a response to adding zinc to the body; suggests putting ReMyte in smoothies or split dose up into small portion throughout the day

7:04 Total Biology of M.S. is fear of going downhill; Viet Nam vets often have M.S. symptoms related to jumping out of helicopters

10:27 History of Total Biology; German new medicine; Dr. David Holt

12:50 Mayo Clinic study on prescribed drugs in Rochester; health spending makes up 20% of America’s economy; economy is based on disease care, not wellness creating, system; the older you get, the more drugs you are on; people are paying enormous amounts to stay sick

20:52 Bloating and gas when taking ReMyte implies either dosage issue (go more slowly) or yeast overgrowth; using probiotics after antibiotics

24:18 ALS symptoms similar to those of magnesium deficiency

31:52 Bloating and gas – gallstones vs. candida; cut back on sugar; add anti-fungal foods such as garlic to your food; take probiotics to balance yeast overgrowth

41:02 Lynn Foutch says magnesium is the balance for the gallbladder meridian; emotions burn off your minerals; emotions and connection to your non-physical self

47:08 Dr. Carolyn’s Completement Now program; email for discount

48:15 Neverminding and not falling into a doctor’s diagnosis

Listen to the Archive:  2013-07-15-1700-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 7-15-13-2


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