Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 9-23-13 Hour 2

Presentation: Total Biology of the left side; M.S.; peripheral neuropathy; super sugar in RnA Drops; yeast overgrowth and magnesium burning up; fluoride overuse; hydrating while on ReMyte; RnA Drops and pet care; safe removal of mercury fillings

2:35 In Total Biology the left side represents parents and children, in a righthanded person

4:12 Daughter with M.S.; Mother with peripheral neuropathy; RnA Drops for making perfect cells; ReMag for M.S. and neuropathy; see The Magnesium Miracle

10:10 Super sugar in RnA Drops; helps to digest sugars in your body; 10 tsps of sugar in one soda which use up all your magnesium to digest; less craving for sugar, alcohol, preservatives

14:47 Wake up with fast heart rate, higher blood pressure, and belching; Dr. Carolyn suggest using yeast overgrowth protocol; lemon juice and water in the morning; natural antifungal; probiotics; your medication has six fluoride molecules so it is burning up your magnesium

17:45 To back to basics like absorbable magnesium instead of buying expensive

24:06 Fluoride Overuse

28:18 Took advice about hydrating while on ReMyte; dizzy spells went away

32:22 RnA Drops and Pet Care

36:30 What is the best time to take magnesium?

41:22 Safe removal of mercury fillings

44:40 Can I substitute MSM for ReAline? RnA Drops eye wash for cataracts; wait for your body and mind to be ready for next level

Listen to the Archive:  2013-09-23-1700-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 9-23-13-2


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