Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 9-30-13 Hour 2

Presentation: M.S. and RnA Drops; Drops rubbed on neck over thyroid for fatigue; Anxiety; ReMyte/ReMag spray for skin dehydration; headaches evidence of release of conflict; shock treatment for AFib; no homeopathic Drops; Key Note at T Tapp Conference; magnesium used in difficult pregnancy; magnesium test comparisons

2:00 Are there testimonials for M.S. and RnA Drops? Fibromyalgia testimonials. Toxicity and mineral depletion.

9:53 Nine Drops twice a day; fatigued; rub 2-3 Drops over your thyroid; increase ReMag

12:53 Anxiety symptoms; globus hystericus works for this; light lymph massage; spray ReMag on your neck; Vit Bs will help

20:15 ReMyte spray for skin dehydration; mix with ReMag to balance the astringent effect; discussion of coumadin and RnA Drops

30:04 Achy on Sunday; headaches often is evidence of a release of a conflict

35:37 Doctor wanted to do electric shock treatment for AFib; he decided not to do it and continued with ReMag; possible underlying thyroid issues; Magnesium RBC Test

43:00 No homeopathic RnA Drops; FDA is about to put block on homeopathics

45:55 Dr. Carolyn will be the key note speaker at the T Tapp conference

47:44 Friend with pregnancy difficulty was treated with magnesium; send her ReMag booklet

54:41 Serum magnesium test isn’t accurate because there’s always magnesium

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Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 9-30-13-2

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