Month: March 2014

Another Great ReMag/ReMyte Show on 3-31-14

Presentation: Another Great ReMag/ReMyte Show – 3-31-14 Hour 1 – Roseanne’s family’s muscle spasms and neuropathy improve with ReMag [24:55] 3:38 Discussion of RnA Reset Website 6:44 Email testimonial from elderly customer […]

Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 3-25-13

Presentation: Interview with George Noory of Coast to Coast, lengthy discussion on asthma and plantar’s fasciitis, ReMag in steam for asthma, magnesium and calcium balance, effects of calcification, advanced M.S., ReNew with […]

Drugs vs. Natural Wellness Products

Presentation: Continuing discussion about drugs vs. natural wellness support; Dr. Dean’s products are food, the basic components your body needs to create what it needs – Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 3-24-14-2 0:01 […]

Adaptation with RnA Drops

Presentation: Body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes with RnA Drops – Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 3-24-14-1 3:39 Dr. Carolyn talks about patient distress and what “partnering up” to do your own […]

RnA Drops and Probiotics

Presentation:  Probiotic Qualities of RnA Drops and Probiotics – Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 3-10-14 Hour 2 2:04 Continuation of the Potassium Discussion 6:19 Health – responsibility vs. over-engagement 8:05 Discussion about Prescript […]

ReMyte and the Thyroid

Presentation:  Let’s Talk about ReMyte and the Thyroid – Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 3-10-14 Hour 1 5:51 Daughter-in-Law has thyroid imbalance; ReMyte and ReMag and the thyroid 13:20 ReMag helps with constipation […]

Revision of the Magnesium Miracle

Presentation:  Revision of The Magnesium Miracle and Other Great Wellness Resources – Live with Dr. Carolyn Dean 3-3-14-1 3:25 Intrusion of medicine into human genome. 4:45 Common imbalances and how minerals support […]

Creating Complete Wellness

Presentation:  Creating More Wellness with the Completement Products – Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 3-3-14 Hour 2 2:11 Potassium requirements discussion 8:11 Having a healthy gut with Prescript Assist 8:57 Tinnitus and Magnesium […]