Creating Complete Wellness

Presentation:  Creating More Wellness with the Completement Products – Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 3-3-14 Hour 2

2:11 Potassium requirements discussion

8:11 Having a healthy gut with Prescript Assist

8:57 Tinnitus and Magnesium

13:45 Probiotic nature of RnA Drops and gut health

17:32 How to take RnA Drops

19:50 Debbie’s testimonial about ReMag and muscle spasms

24:30 Curtis’s testimonial about ReMag/ReMyte and leg cramps; discussion of Dr. Carolyn’s supplement recommendations

30:50 ReMag for sleep apnea; ReMyte for thyroid balancing; ReAline for detoxing

33:06 Transdermal use of ReMag and ReMyte; “When Magnesium Makes Me Worse”

36:10 ReMag and ReMyte for AFib; yeast overgrowth as a factor in AFib

45:42 Using ReMag as a spray

46:17 Using the Completement Products for Increasing Wellness

48:42 ReAline and MTHFR gene mutation

52:33 RnA Drops as a meal replacement

52:59 Picometer size is what matters; minerals and plants

54:29 RnA Drops or ReAline?

Listen to Testimonial: Debbie’s testimonial about ReMag and muscle spasms [19:50]

Listen to the Archive:  2014-03-03-1700-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 3-3-14-2


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