ReMyte and the Thyroid

Presentation:  Let’s Talk about ReMyte and the Thyroid – Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 3-10-14 Hour 1

5:51 Daughter-in-Law has thyroid imbalance; ReMyte and ReMag and the thyroid

13:20 ReMag helps with constipation email testimonial.

14:52 ReMag and laxative effect; split ReMag doses up over the day; pointing to back pain testimonials; ReAline to take the trash out

19:08 Email testimonial about taking Completement Products for 3 months; sleeping better and working out issues I have fairly easily; can I use ReMag on my gums for receding gums?

20:29 Sauna and Minerals; replacing lost water and minerals when you are in a sauna

21:23  Hypertension discussion

25:07 Completement Products and diabetes

27:36 Are MRIs safe?

30:40 Vertigo and ReBob and ReAline

47:38 Bias regarding medicine vs. natural products

48:50 Detoxing from inflammation

50:11 The Total Biology of Alzheimer’s

51:54 Any testimonials about bone on bone conditions?

52:47 Rehydration

53:44 RnA Drops and Metal Implants

Listen to Testimonial: ReMag helps with constipation email testimonial [13:20]

Listen to the Archive:  2014-03-10-1600-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 3-10-14-1


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