Adaptation with RnA Drops

Presentation: Body’s ability to adapt to environmental changes with RnA Drops – Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 3-24-14-1

3:39 Dr. Carolyn talks about patient distress and what “partnering up” to do your own research means; she discusses the resources she provides for you to begin your research

6:44 Break Free from Your Depression Summit

13:20 Users transition on RnA Drops; some people do baby steps; pace is okay.

17:21 Completement Products and ReAline for heavy metal toxicity created by mercury in vaccinations

24:42 Completement Products and AFib; RnA Drops and No mind; weaning off drugs; forced compliance with medical doctors by health insurers

38:00 Bob talks about ascended position on health insurance

40:24 Ginney speaks about having confidence in your body’s capacity to replicate perfect cells; what that confidence can support

42:32 Discussion of iON’s words on body challenges and what suicidal thought create

46:11 Dr. Carolyn discusses kinesiology

48:18 Richard on products for 2 years; wants to make some changes in his attitude toward life; Dr. Carolyn suggests he comes on the PayDay Show

49:46 RnA Drops stand alone as their own miraculous product

52:00 Email testimonial about RnA Drops and back pain

54:04 RnA Drops and hemophilia, RH Negative Blood, and implants.

Listen to this Testimonial: Email testimonial about RnA Drops and back pain [52:00]

Listen to the Archive:  2014-03-24-1600-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 3-24-14-1


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