The Scoop on Hashimotos

Presentation: What’s Hashimotos and Can Minerals Help? – 3-31-14 Hour 2

3:00 What is Hashimotos? Can adding minerals, such as ReMyte, help with this condition? Should I be gluten free with Hashimotos? Hashimotos and yeast overgrowth.

9:02 Shifting from Calm to ReMag; magnesium during pregnancy; discussion about morning sickness

17:16 ReMag, RnA Drops, and unsweetened cherry juice for Gout

20:11 Magnesium and pregnancy; Epsom salts baths – the midwive’s cure

21:23 Picometer food grade minerals? Discussion about ReMyte

23:51 RnA Drops and fatty liver. RnA Drops, ReMag, ReMyte for leaky gut. Discussion of yeast overgrowth, gluten, and casein. Supplements keep me awake at night. RnA Drops make me feel worse – discussion about body toxicity and the power of hydration. “Too toxic to detox.”

30:00 Magnesium rant

35:27 Email testimonial – Vasculitis disappearing after using ReMag as a facial spray.

37:15 Radiated thymus; goiter and ReMyte; detoxing overstorage of iodine with ReMag; starting very slowly with ReMag/ReMyte when friend has hemochromatosis.

48:44 Email testimonial – 64 year old woman has vision improvements with RnA Drops and Completement Products

49:37 More discussion about Hashimotos and ReMag/ReMyte

53:34 Starting the products too quickly. The anxiety of wanting to be healed yesterday.

54:22 Ginney is our new customer service maven!

55:27 Susana’s testimonial about feeling better than ever on RnA Drops and Completement Products.

Listen to this Testimonial: Email testimonial – 64 year old woman has vision improvements with RnA Drops and Completement Products [48:44]

Listen to the Archive:  2014-03-31-1700-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 3-31-14-2


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  1. Hi Ginney. Even on another browser it’s not working. I had ‘flip’ from Hypo to Hyper that caused heart issues. I think due to my severe Hashimoto. That’s why this 3/31/14 audio episode is so vital for me to hear
    Could you please email it to me:
    Thank you! Tracy B

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