Month: April 2014

Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 4-29-13 Hour 1

Presentation: Discussion of D-Cell and I-Block water purifiers and RnA Drops; RnA Drops and myocitis; history of D-Cell and I-Cell; touching testimonial about new infant with Down’s syndrome. Parents applying ReNew and […]

Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 4-28-14 Hour 2

Presentation: RnA Reset — Powerful Products; Powerful Words – Joe’s miraculous testimonial about how he has worked with the Completement Products on ankylosing spondylitis. He went from little mobility and much pain […]

Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 4-28-14 Hour 1

Presentation: Amazing Results with Products – Over a half dozen testimonials about different conditions that were positively effected by RnA Drops, ReNew, and ReMag 5:57 Email testimonial from a diabetic who followed […]

Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 4-22-13 Hour 1

Presentation: Taking responsibility for your own health; inventors and scientists receive many of their ideas from non-physical dimensions of reality; completion is pointing people to a choice; testimonial about improvements in health, […]

Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 4-21-14 Hour 1

Presentation: Piercing the Veil Corporate Medicines vs. the Power of our Completement Products; Corporate Medicines are expensive, have side effects, and are based on temporary symptom removal; our Completement Products support the body […]

Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 4-14-14 Hour 2

Presentation: The Completement Line of Products speaks to all levels of wellness and answers many challenges our customers experience. From blood pressure to diabetes to injury, our clients’ stories illustrate the broad […]

Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 4-14-14 Hour 1

Presentation: What does partnering up and doing your own research mean? How can I shift from the traditional medicine model to self-empowered health choices? 5:55 In allopathic medicine, patients are brainwashed to […]

The Magnesium Miracle 2014 – 4-7-14 Radio Archive

Presentation: New 2014 Edition of The Magnesium Miracle – Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 4-7-14-1 5:02 RnA Reset website update. Virginia Gunther, our Ginney, is now the customer service representative for RnA ReSet. […]