Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 4-28-14 Hour 2

Presentation: RnA Reset — Powerful Products; Powerful Words – Joe’s miraculous testimonial about how he has worked with the Completement Products on ankylosing spondylitis. He went from little mobility and much pain to walking around and riding his bikes. [36:28] The power of the word, “ReSet.” When Sue uses the word, “ReSet,” she experiences a clearing of old thoughts and words. [7:52]

0:00 Long discussion about good manufacturing practices. FDA approval. Doug gives a testimonial of improvement in his tooth and gum health. His natural teeth and dentures are getting whiter as he takes RnA Drops.

7:52 Sue’s testimonial of clearing her vision with ReNew. Sue also talked about her use of the word, “ReSet,” to clear old patterns out of her life.

9:15 Kim’s husband’s testimonial of his blood sugar continuing to come down since he used the Completement Products. He was a diabetic with a sugar level of 400 plus.

10:58 Using ReMag to dilute ReNew; how to use Completement Products to detox from environmental pollution

24:04 Dr. Carolyn mentions the Living Water and the Bread of Life

27:15 Stacy’s testimonial – he doubled his ReMag and the inflammation in his legs decreased; Stacy’s wife puts on weight as RnA Drops rebalances her hormones; possible yeast infection

36:28 Joe’s miraculous testimonial of recovery from Ankylosing Spondylitis

49:38 Questions about new website, product label, and so on

56:50 Negative pH conversation put on the table for next week

57:13 Daniel’s testimonial about recovery from parasite infection with RnA Drops

Listen to this Testimonial: Joe’s miraculous testimonial of recovery from Ankylosing Spondylitis [36:28]

Listen to the Archive:  2014-04-28-1700-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 4-28-14-2


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