Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 4-29-13 Hour 1

Presentation: Discussion of D-Cell and I-Block water purifiers and RnA Drops; RnA Drops and myocitis; history of D-Cell and I-Cell; touching testimonial about new infant with Down’s syndrome. Parents applying ReNew and ReMag on skin of spine with baby having measurable improvements [20:55]; heart challenges and ReMag; RnA Drops in feeding tube? Leaky gut and ReAline; RnA Drops and Magnesium

3:01 D-Cell, I-Block, and RnA Drops

12:44 Continued discussion of D-Cell, I-Block, and RnA Drops, related to man with myocitis; John C. Brown and Joe Dunn Sloan; iON improved D-Cell in 2009 so that it was more consistent; manna from heaven is the I-Cell

20:55 Touching testimonial about new infant with Down’s syndrome using ReNew and ReMag. Has measurable improvements.

34:24 Heart challenges and ReMag

41:38 RnA Drops in feeding tube?

42:40 Leaky gut and ReAline

47:50 RnA Drops and Magnesium

Listen to this testimonial:  Ryan’s daughter’s testimonial – new infant with Down’s Syndrome on ReNew and ReMag. Measurably improved. [20:55]

Listen to the Archive:  2013-04-29-1600-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript: Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 4-29-13-1 

Resource: RBC Magnesium Test at

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