RnA Reset, Now and in the Future

Presentation: RnA Reset, Now and in the Future: Several discussions about RnA Reset and the evolution of RnA Drops; Insomnia and Vit D; No change in Magnesium RBC Test; Ancestral eating; Blood Type nutritional programs; Crohn’s colitis and our products; Cell 8 and the Total Biology of Cancer; Total Biology of chronic bladder issues; Help for those with no gall bladder

3:31 Pending launch of RnA Reset website and evolution of RnA Drops

6:28 Insomnia and Vit D; relationship between calcium, Vit D, and magnesium

13:17 After months of supplementing magnesium, no change in Magnesium RBC Test. What should I do?

19:15 Continuation of conversation about people with O negative blood type falling into fear about RnA Drops; Kim is O- and has eaten Drops for almost 2 years

20:50 Ancestral eating and RnA Drops; Total Biology of recurring bladder issues

31:08 Another customer with O- blood who uses Drops with no problems; Cell 8 update; discussion of the Total Biology of cancer

47:43 Crohn’s colitis and RnA Drops/Completement Products

50:03 Where are my products? Discussed

51:12 Nutritional and product support for those who no longer have their gall bladder

Listen to the Archive:  2014-05-05-1600-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 5-5-14-1

Resources: Food Lists for Blood Type Diets:


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