Powerful Words – Health, Happiness, Vitality Dr. Carolyn Dean Live Archive 5-19-14 Hour 2

Presentation: Powerful Words Show – During Q&A about various health concerns with Dr. Carolyn, there were two powerful discussions: (1) religious rules about non-physical origins of RnA Drops and (2) words declaring freedom from negative talk about suffering, illness, and death; Email testimonial about relief from incontinence with ReMag [50:28]

1:25 How To – One on One consultations with Dr. Carolyn

3:54 Sara’s testimonial that her 13 year old dog had lipomas disappear when he was drinking water with ReMag/ReMyte in it for a thyroid tuneup.

4:47 Discussion about constipation

7:17 Resistance to Hydration

8:12 When using the products, if you have questions or don’t understand what your body is doing, there are many ways to contact Dr. Carolyn to talk. Discussion of causes of shortness of breath.

12:00 Total Biology of constipation

15:04 Sugar Free Gum

17:14 Lady Om’s testimonial about improvement in her bladder condition after she worked with the Total Biology Conflict

17:28 Arthritis testimonial regarding ReMag

19:07 Total Biology of Constipation

20:38 Pink Himalayan Salt

21:18 Congestive Heart Failure and Completement Products and RnA Drops

33:33 Carbon effect of RnA Drops

34:57 Non-Physical Dimensions of RnA Drops

44:56 Biblical origins of RnA Drops

47:38 Clay poultice and ReMag for hard sore lump on knuckles

48:58 ReAline vs. organic sulfur comparison

49:17 Powerful words about the choice for wellness

50:28 Email testimonial about relief from incontinence with ReMag

51:57 Diverticulitis

Listen to this Testimonial: Email testimonial about relief from incontinence with ReMag [50:28]

Listen to the Archive:  2014-05-19-1700-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 5-19-14-2





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