Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 6-2-14 Hour 2

Presentation: Refining how people are using our products: LL’s Magnetic Clay vs. Edible Earth; yeast detox is a good spring cleanse; lymph cleansing; Testimonial by Ginney and Deb West about how little dust they have in their homes because skin doesn’t slough off with the RnA Drops [13:07]; Best way to use ReMag/ReMyte; how decalcification works and what you can do when ReMag starts helping your cells shift calcium; ReMag/ReMyte and alopecia; ReMag and osteoporosis; lengthy discussion about supplements and Dr. Dean’s Blog; A-Fib and ReMag

3:40 Magnesium is more available living the beach life style

4:30 LL’s Magnetic Clay for external detox; Edible Earth for internal detox

8:55 A good spring cleanse is the yeast detox. Protocol written out at Dr. Dean uses Prescript Assist for the probiotic. She sticks with the Caproyal, psyllium seeds, and bentonite clay for a 3 month internal cleanse

10:52 Lymph cleansing – trampoline, swimming, lymphatic skin brushing, clay baths. Any of these things done from a sense of fun is good. They won’t work as well if done from a sense of fear and “have to.”

13:07 Testimonial by Ginney and Deb West about how little dust they have in their homes because skin doesn’t slough off with the RnA Drops

16:46 Best way to take ReMag/ReMyte

20:00 72 year old man working on calcification issues talks about a pinched nerve. The shifting that goes on when ReMag goes directly into the cells and sends calcium to the bones where it belongs. Suggesting ReMag spray for temporary relief of symptoms. Also, Epsom salts baths or foot baths. Staying away from taking in calcium.

26:18 ReNew and ReMyte use for lady with alopecia; dilution of products when your body is sensitive

34:11 ReMag and osteoporosis

35:55 Now that I have your products, how many of my other supplements do I really need? ReMag and A-Fib

52:28 Continuation of discussion about osteoporosis and ReMag. ReMag actually will dissolve the calcium from your tissues and blood and send it to your bones, where it belongs.

54:15 Vitamins with Completement Products? Dr. Dean’s blog about Supplements she takes answer this question.

56:05 Hot flashes and ReMag and ReMyte

Listen to this Testimonial: Testimonial by Ginney and Deb West about how little dust they have in their homes because skin doesn’t slough off with the RnA Drops [13:07]

Listen to the Archive:  2014-06-02-1700-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 6-2-14-2

WholeApproach® Protocol
What is the WholeApproach® Candida Protocol?
The WholeApproach® Protocol is a five-phase natural product protocol that has been successfully used at the East West Clinic in Minnesota for the treatment of Candidiasis (a systemic yeast overgrowth also known as CRC – Candida Related Complex). You can read about the WholeApproach® Protocol on this web site and in more detail in the book, “Conquering Yeast Infections, the Non-Drug Solution for Men and Women” by S. Colet Lahoz (Director of the East West Clinic). The WholeApproach® Protocol is based on the core program developed by Andrew Gutauskus, a Canadian Pharmacist and CEO of Attogram Corporation. All products listed below are available in the WholeApproach® Store <> .

What are the five phases of the WholeApproach® Protocol?
The first two phases of the protocol utilize a colon cleansing drink that starts treating the candida where it originates, in the colon. The drink consists of three products that are described below. Because of its powerful absorptive and cleansing impact, it has been affectionately dubbed, the ‘Purge Drink’. This drink can be continued throughout all phases of the protocol.

 – First three months: The ‘Purge Drink’ is made up of the combination of liquid Bentonite, Psyllium husk & seed blend, water and Caproyl (liquid suspended caprylic acid.) A high quality Acidophilus Probiotic Blend is taken separately on an empty stomach. The Attogram brand is superior to other brands in effectiveness as well as ease of mixing without getting too thick or lumpy and is the best initial cleanse. The Attogram Psyllium Husk and Seed Blend is smooth mixing, high quality, contaminant-free psyllium product. When mixed with the Bentonite liquid it is an important support during the initial colon cleanse because it soaks up mycotoxins that are produced as the yeast and fungus are killed off. This results in a much more comfortable cleanse with the minimum Die Off  <> symptoms.

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