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Invisible Minerals Part I : Magnesium

By Dr. Carolyn Dean M.D., N.D.

Invisible Minerals is the updated version of How to Change Your Life with Magnesium. The book describes magnesium and gives dozens of testimonials about the effectiveness of this miracle magnesium. There are many forms of magnesium but there are forms that are better absorbed than others. Pico-Ionic magnesium is the best absorbed form of magnesium you will ever find.

Magnesium is a necessary cofactor for over 800 enzymes that perform vital metabolic functions in the body. It’s a simple mineral that prevents and treats diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraines, heart disease, osteoporosis, anxiety, insomnia, and a dozen other serious health conditions.

I’ve just listed many chronic conditions that people are suffering today, yet has your doctor ever told you to take magnesium? Probably not. That’s because nutrient therapy is not taught in medical school. Magnesium is not regarded as a first-line therapeutic agent in hospitals or doctor’s offices and it’s not a patentable drug. For all these reasons, mainstream medicine remains blind to the extent of magnesium deficiency that is reported to be present in 70-80 percent of the population.

In the past few years physicists have determined that the mineral ion channels that are the gateways through which minerals enter cells are only 400-500 picometers in diameter.

Ion channels are composed of proteins that form pores through a cell membrane. These specialized proteins help establish and control the voltage traveling across the cell membranes by allowing ions to flow along a particular gradient. That may not make a lot of sense to you but these ion channels are crucial components of the membranes that surround all biological cells.

If minerals don’t properly get inside cells, because they are too large, then non-mineralized water floods into the cells and the large-sized minerals stay outside. All forms of edema, including brain edema, are caused by fluid and electrolyte imbalance at the cellular level.

Pico-Ionic minerals are small enough to directly enter into cells bringing the minerals where they are most needed. Inside the cell, minerals are responsible for the 70-90 millivolts of energy that creates intracellular communication. A body can only be as healthy as its cells.

Another important aspect about Pico-Ionic minerals is that people who suffer from IBS-diarrhea, Crohn’s and colitis can use Pico-Ionic magnesium without causing a laxative effect.

Magnesium has a wonderful failsafe mechanism that prevents it from building up in the body – the laxative effect. What’s not absorbed into the bloodstream and into the cells after a dose of magnesium goes through the kidneys into the urine and also through the intestines as loose stool. Some people find that any form of magnesium in pills or powder can cause an immediate laxative effect. This means you can’t get enough magnesium into your blood and cells to effectively fight your magnesium deficiency symptoms before it explodes out the other end!! Even the Pico-Ionic form of magnesium will cause this effect, but only if you take very large doses.

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  1. Ginny…. I can’t open in my computer.. says something is wrong with it… can you please help.. would love to read both books..

  2. Thank you for making this information available for free. I am downloading it, and sending to friends and family. It is so hard for me as a layperson to talk about the importance of minerals, and especially magnesium. This is an easy way to make sure people have the information.

  3. I’ve had problems with oral magnesium, too. Then I tried Epsom Salt baths (magnesium sulphate) and it is just brilliant. I also use a magnesium spray but the Epsom salt is way more effective.

  4. Thank you for all the information. I’m already transmitting it to friends and family. Wish you all the best! You truly are an inspiration for me. Thank you once again for all.

  5. Is it normal when you start magnesium to see improvement then start to have issues with sleeping? I wake up with adrenaline pumping and heart pounding. It’s been almost 2 weeks and I went from 299-800 mg if magnesium glycinate.

      • Yes Ginney! Thank you so much. Sorry for all the typos. Lol issuing my iPhone. I didn’t realize that magnesium detoxed the body. And I read that article she had about why I feel worse when I started magnesium and it did say something about adrenal fatigue. I also learned that Flonase is a fluoride medicine and I use it with another nasal spray and I’m on Allegra and singular so I need to find out if those are fluoride meds as well. I tell ya this has been such a long and painful process and I am forever grateful for any information and help that you guys have given me. I wish so much I could have seen dr Dean and she was still practicing. It’s dr like her that really make a difference in this world. We need many more ppl like her!

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