Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 7-14-14 Hour 1

Presentation: No Limits to Life as Long as You Become a Partner in Creating Your Health and Longevity; why Completement formulas work with your body; RnA Drops as a super sugar; when customer should slow down on RnA Drops and increase Completement Products, add ReAline, and salt water; discussion of mineral burn, magnesium RBC test, therapeutic doses and minerals storage; dimineralization of the soil; when you should go to the doctor

4:19 You can have longevity and have your life get better and better. You don’t have to accept the brainwashing about aging miserably and dying. Continuation of discussion about health politics.

10:39 Completement Formula is designed to work without fail. Partner up, do your own research, work with your body, come to the calls with questions about your process.

12:43 RnA Drops as a super sugar

19:19 70 year old with hypertension, glaucoma, nystagmus, dizziness caused by virus. Detoxifying from the virus probable. Suggestions: go more slowly with RnA Drops, increase ReMag/ReMyte, add ReAline for help with detox, sea salt in water, magnesium oil, Epsom salt baths

27:56 Discussion of burning minerals, magnesium RBC test, therapeutic doses, and mineral storage.

If you can, get a Magnesium RBC test through <>  for $49.00. Using your zip code they will send you to a nearby lab for a blood draw and you will have your results within 72 hours. But the most important point is to aim for an optimum dose of 6.0-6.5mg/dL even though the range of the test is 4.2-6.8. That’s because this average is based on the sick population, 80% of whom are magnesium deficient.

49:43 Trust the signals your body gives you and know that even organic vegetables and fruits, unless the farmer uses dirt minerals to replenish the soil, don’t have all the nutrients in them.

52:54 Caller talked about blood in stools. Dr. Carolyn forcefully told her to go to the doctor and have this checked.

Listen to the Archive:  2014-07-14-1600-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 7-14-1-1


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