Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 6-30-14 Hour 2

Presentation: Theme: The Good Doctor, compassion and care. The theme of this show is clearly demonstrated by the care with which Dr. Carolyn Dean takes with each question and the range of help our basic nutritional products can give. This was contrasted by Jean’s experience interviewing a possible primary care physician who spent the whole interview with her nose in her laptop, filling in forms. Jean’s testimonial can be found at time stamp [26:37]

3:55 Email testimonial about the positive effects of transdermal use of ReMag on back pain

5:40 Dr. Carolyn’s return to writing after reorganizing RnA Reset

6:44 Magnesium for fight and flight situations

7:52 Overweight and severely pinched spine. Suggested ReMag/ReMyte, sea salt in water, and layering of ReMag spray on customer’s back

8:45 Pyroluria – deficit of Vit B6, magnesium, and zinc. These nutrients are in our products.

10:17 Chris’s testimonial about losing 115 lbs. It started with his eating RnA Drops.

11:25 The bioavailability of ReMyte

13:45 Sarah’s testimonial re: effectiveness of drinking sea salt in her water; ReMag/ReMyte in your water bottle; if you are symptomatic, then you aren’t saturated with minerals

18:43 Email testimonial re: chronic and severe eczema is gone. Discussion of how to deal with gout in his big toe.

23:01 Stem Kine with RnA Drops?

26:37 Jean’s testimonial about how ReMag helped her work with the connection between her thoughts and her pain; long discussion of her interview with a prospective primary care physician; the computer interview; surprise at Jean not being on prescription medications

32:55 Doctors aren’t trained about supplements.

35:48 The business of health care

40:24 ReMag/ReMyte suggested for motor cyclist who is doing long distance course

43:57 Cirrhosis of the liver and neuropathy

46:35 High doses of sulfur causing healing crisis

50:48 Kaiser’s Monograph about possible benefits of magnesium

54:32 How to take ReMag with duodenal ulcer

55:21 Are RnA Drops picometer in size?

56:35 What will the rest of the year hold for RnA Reset?

Listen to this Testimonial: Jean’s testimonial about how ReMag helped her work with the connection between her thoughts and her pain. [26:37]

Listen to the Archive:  2014-06-30-1700-live-with-dr-carolyn-dean

Transcript:  Dr. Carolyn Dean Transcript 6-30-14-2


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