Zyto MACHINE and RnA Drops

In the first hour, Dr. Dean describes the experience she had at Dr. Jim Walters conference of health practitioners this past weekend in Madison, Wisconsin [6-2-2013].

I’d like you to hear it for yourself because the implications of what was discussed and discovered BENEFITS YOU GREATLY!!!

Once you hear the first 15 minutes or so of the show archive, this additional
information, provided by Dr. Carolyn Dean’s staff will make even more sense to you:

What’s great about the chiropractor (Dr. Joe Harbosky) that spoke on Saturday
is that he used a machine called the Zyto. This machine is an FDA approved machine,
used by many pioneer’s including Medical Doctor’s. I was introduced to this technology
through Dr. Walters and know that it is VERY precise. The machine repeatedly scans
your body several times by using a hand cradle, and displays ‘out of range stressors’
that indicate typical patterns of dis-ease.

The next phase of using this machine is to dial-in a set of supplements,
or any specific supplement. The machine can store the signature frequency?
I’m not sure how it does this, but after you receive your ‘out-of-range-stressors’ report,
the machine will send back to the hand-cradle the essence of that chosen supplement
(or completement) product to indicate whether this balances these out-of-range-stressors.
So on Saturday as Sabrina and I were playing catch-up on processing orders
and fulfilling them in our booth, Dr. Joe Harbosky was balancing people’s
real-life dis-ease processes using our completement lines! He dialed them i
in the night-before… right into his Zyto machine.

Soon after, Dr. Walters comes out to the hallway by our booth with a smile
and says, “you gotta come in here and see this. They’re testing RnA Drops on people with the Zyto!”
This is where seemingly hard-evidence comes in to a mainstream platform,
aside from real-life testimonials, because the Zyto is a recognized and approved FDA device.
Plug-and-play RnA Drops right in there and you’ve got a coverall solution
for many out-of-range-stressors. I may have to send an endorsed testimonial
from Dr. Joe Harbosky  to a mailing list of all Zyto owners and let them know
there’s a big-boy on the block (RnA Drops) that can be PROVEN EFFECTIVE prior to its application.
In my world, being a marketing guy, this is outstanding. This is major. It’s PROOF in a way that
goes beyond all lip service and makes it tangible in a way that needs no explanation to many health practitioners.

From what I understand, once someone has uploaded into the Zyto Machine the RnA Drops,
this information can be shared with other owners… like sharing files on your computer.
So potentially thousands of other practitioner’s using a Zyto could also be given the “download” for RnA Drops,
run their scans on their most disconnected – or connected – patients/clients and IN ADVANCE
these people can SEE FOR THEMSELVES their issues being resolved as the out-of-range-stressors
are put into range again by applying RnA Drops. This is where the rubber meets the pavement for many skeptics.
Once you have a proven history of application of this process, one-by-one these tests will solidify what iON has said all along…


Listen to the archive:  2013-06-03–1600—Live-With-Dr-Carolyn-Dean

Resource:  The Zyto Scan

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  1. I am familiar with Zyto, used by 2 different health practitioners, with different products. Can your products be downloaded to either of their machines ?

  2. If your Rna Drops were proven so effective back in Aug. 2014, I’m wondering why, as of Nov. 2017, you haven’t worked with Zyto to have this product included in their machine dialog?

    • Hello, Emy! Honestly, we are a small company with a small staff and we just haven’t made it a priority. It’s on our list of things to do, tho, for sure!

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