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Presentation: How to share health information with friends and family through social media; also, the depression and subsequent death of Robin Williams,  pain maintenance and magnesium, RnA Drops and Tinnitus

10:00 – Mail Bag and testimonial:

August 10, 2014

As a member of your 2-year program I follow your postings with a great amount of interest.  I was intrigued by this part today:

In a positive sense, the media serves to focus people’s attention on a problem so we can decide if we want that problem or not. I decided immediately that I didn’t want a hurricane, I wouldn’t mind a bit or rain but that was all. And that’s all I got. I know that sounds very egocentric but I am a firm believer that I create my own reality. And I don’t judge whether it’s good, bad or indifferent – it just is/ And if I just want the good stuff, I pay attention to that and ignore the bad or indifferent. If I want contrast, I put attention on the bad stuff and it gets worse! It’s all up to me.

I am curious as to how this would work with some chronic pain issues.  Sometimes the pain is front and center and it blocks out everything else. So how does one decide to not have the pain anymore?  I have a knee injury that is taking a long time to heal and am trying most everything to get it healed, including magnesium. I was very interested in the mental aspect of this from your writing.  Any info would be appreciated.

25:00 Ginney reports. Practitioner from Ireland. Your products are absolutely amazing. I have tried so many types of magnesium and this is the best.

30:00 Get onto Social Media to get the word out there about magnesium and Completement Formulas.

32:00 A-fib testimonial

34:00 Treating basal cell carcinoma with ReNew, bentonite clay

44:00 Tinnitus – question on how to treat and are there any testimonials? RnA Drops can adjust frequencies that cause ears to ring.

47:00 Type II diabetes question – refer to blog post Magnesium Dramatically Improves Metabolic Syndrome.

50:00 Testimonial – August 9, 2014

My migraines had becomes increasingly frequent and severe over the last year. I had never gone to the clinic to get any prescription mediation because I didn’t think there was anything that would really help. Finally in June I had to go in because the headache was so painful and I knew I was in for a few days of it. In our discussion about medication options the doctor wrote me a prescription for Imitrex and gave me an option of an immediate injection of Imitrex and Tramadol, or intravenous Magnesium. I opted for the injections because of time, but was curious about the Magnesium because our Naturopath had just suggested a Magnesium supplement for both my husband and I.

I asked the doctor about the Magnesium for migraine – asking should I be taking Magnesium then to help with the migraines? She said the intravenous Mag usually helps the most severe episodes, but that she had not read that a magnesium supplement would do anything for headaches generally. I asked again, because it didn’t make sense that the intravenous Mag would work but not a supplement, would taking a supplement help long term? She said it probably wouldn’t hurt, but said again that there wasn’t any evidence that a Magnesium supplement would do anything for the headaches long term! This did not make sense and stuck with me as something I needed to investigate

I told my Natropath about that exchange and she was dumfounded, though not surprised at the lack of knowledge, or even common sense! She said that of course Magnesium was shown to help with migraine and so had suggested it to me. I don’t put a lot of stock in Western Medicine, but at times it seems the only option.

Then about a week later I bumped into an archive broadcast of the Coast to Coast show you did with George Noory a while back. I was fascinated by your Magnesium research and shared your major skepticism for Western Medicine. It seemed I was over and over being “nudged” toward a better understanding of Magnesium in particular, and validated for my willingness to search for my own health answers! Thank you!

Needless to say, I found your site and ordered the ReMag immediately.

My husband had already been cutting back on his high blood pressure medication, but the Magnesium dose he needed wasn’t possible with the laxative effect he was getting. He was/is also taking a supplement called Inflamarest for tendonitis and shoulder issues – two of the primary ingredients being Turmeric and Magnesium! Really good stuff by the way, though I suspect a large effect comes from Magnesium.

With the ReMag he was able to get the dose he needed, and with some other diet and lifestyle modifications, stopped the blood pressure medication all together. He went in yesterday for some acupuncture and his blood pressure was normal!

After 4 weeks of the ReMag I suddenly realized that I hadn’t had a headache. When I did get one last week it took just 1 Imitrex and 1/2 a day to go away: compared to the 6+ Imitrex over 2 or more days for one headache just weeks before the ReMag. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to eliminate that prescription from my life now!

I was also taking St John’s Wort for general bad/angry mood swings and mild depression, and Feverfew for the headaches also. Again, a few weeks ago I realized that I haven’t been feeling short tempered: things that I know would have made me crazy frustrated were seeming like no big deal. I’m smiling more, and have better focus and general good feeling all around! I’m very certain that the ReMag has helped enormously in this. I added the ReMyte for us both.

I know this is a lot to read, but I am grateful for your help and am so happy to have found your work as a resource. I make great efforts to find a healthful path for myself and my family. Your work, generosity in sharing and encouragement for those of us who SEARCH means so much!

Thank you again! Please feel free to use anything I’ve said in any way that will help!

All My Best,


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