Dr Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 8-18-2014 Hour 1

Presentation:  A robust discussion of various strategies to manage, off-set or nullify the variables that effect our health today including processed foods, electrified environments and conflicts within oneself. Citations from well-known authors, doctors and trusted sources.

Show opens with Dr. Carolyn thanking all listeners for posting their book review of The Magnesium Miracle on Amazon this week.

10:00 Gary R customer suggestion for ReMag and ReMyte dispenser – “I discovered by accident the perfect tool for dispensing the ReMag and ReMyte I purchased. I went to my local Walmart and asked the pharmacist where I could find a medicine measure for 1 tsp / 5 ml. amounts. She gave me a measure they supply free to customers. It worked SO WELL I went back a few days later to get two more, for my ReMyte and my second bottle of ReMag. I wish you supplied this measure with your products. It is obviously very inexpensive and it works perfectly.”

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14:00 Robin Williams follow-up. Depressed and Parkinson’s Dx and may have suicide as a result of the Parkinson’s medications. iON said last week details would unfold about Robin Williams death and they have.

17:00 – Discussion of this weeks blog post, Statin’s Make Women Stupid in which I mentioned magnesium threonate. It is not accurate the way they say they are the only magnesium that crosses the blood brain barrier.

22:00 – Staying consistent with the Completement formulas – if you cut back you may experience symptoms again because our environment continues to be aggressive and all formulas are required to manage the new environment.

25:00 – RnA Drops are getting stronger but the environment is getting crazier and we have to balance all this out. We need the electrical conductivity of the minerals.

27:00 – Blog post discussion for the IBS is US blog – references to well-known works documenting the hazards of today’s process food diet.

35:00 – Dr. Carolyn Dean’s wonderful chocolate and banana recipe with additional info about watching your fructose consumption.

40:00 – Health empowerment means personal responsibility – Take responsibility for your own research.

42:00 pm In Quick: Phyllis. Explain the Labyrinth of the Mind.

47:00 pm Mail bag letter about RnA Drops to which Carolyn and Ginney respond.

52:00 In Quick. Katerina from Toronto. Best for nerve pain to help the spine and tonsil pain.

54:00 Phone caller Mike Utah. Testimonial. Elbow bursitis. Like a painful water balloon attached to elbow. ReMag layering. Immediately the swelling went down and within 4 days the pain was gone and the water balloon gone. Went to work immediately with tingly feeling. Also, the Total Biology of the elbow is a conflict with work.

Listen to ReMag testimonial on bursitis – 54:00 mins

Listen to the archive: 2014-08-18–1600—Live-With-Dr-Carolyn-Dean

Transcript: Dr Carolyn Dean Transcript 8-18-2014

Resource: Sugar – The Bitter Truth video

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