Dr Carolyn Dean Radio Archives 8-18-14 Hour 2

Presentation: Progress, progress, progress! Callers phone in to share their progress on the formulas and how fantastic it is to recover their health, dexterity, and activity levels without experiencing fatigue, discomfort, or anxiety about the future.

1:03 Linda. For eye symptoms. 1-2 RnA Drops in saline and Castor oil drops 1 in each eye.

1:03 Naomi. RnA Drops relax me. Sizzled finger while cooking, so relaxed she didn’t even notice it and the next morning there was no burn. G: very difficult to burn herself these days.

1:06 Mail bag and Testimonial from Peter S in Australia

Ginney – The Evergreen’s stated that 7 day treatment of Cabbage juice would kill the bacteria causing ulcerative colitis

1:14 Joan. My magnesium was 5.3 –then 6 mo later it’s no better at 5.2 RBC Magnesium. ANSWER: Read When Magnesium Makes Worse to find out what you are losing.

1:21 Phone: Peter – age 69. AFib until a year ago. 5 mo ago got on the Completement formulas. Environmentally sensitive. Has to go off into the middle of nowhere camping to feel better. Magnesium has taken away his fibrillations – thank you but more and more sensitive as time goes on. Need to take more magnesium. ReMag and ReMyte. RnA Drops to relax the mind and expect a different result.

1:33 Phone: Suzanna. Taking RnA Drops since July 2012, then ReMag and ReMyte when it came out and ReAline. Used to be an avid runner. Painful and excruciating experience. Stopped running in 2007. Adrenals were stage 3 exhaustion. Not exercising at all. Chronic fatigue. Everything made her feel bad and eliminating all foods. Started the completement formulas and feeling better all along. The other day ran 1.2 miles and felt fabulous and felt a runners high – had never felt that before. A little voice said you will feel sore the next day. Not sore at all. Gradually felt better and better over the 2 years. Noticed it in retrospect that she was improving.

1:38 Phone: Don from Seattle. Calling in for an update. BP, Diabetes. Increasing completement formulas. ReMag 2 tsp a day – in bottle and 1 tsp ReMyte and sometimes some Real Salt, not all the time. Been on 2 BP meds and an herbal BP remedy. Eliminated the herbal and BP was still lower than was. When exercising the BP was into 60’s in the diastolic –so eliminated. BP today: 131/85 after 117/74 after exercise. Even more exciting is blood glucose levels – dropped 20 points. Picnic yesterday with brownies and cookies, hamburger, Cheetos, lemonade. Not on insulin. Typically the next day would be 200.
But after exercising today, it was 122. Has had 109, 106 and 114. Wants to drop other meds but want’s to do it studiously. Increase ReMag to 3tsp and ReMyte 1.5tsp. Tried before to get off meds and so difficult to lose weight …doctor would say if you could lose 40-50 lbs you could get off half of your meds. Now weight is dropping off.

1:50 Phone. Kate. Testimonial. On completement formulas for one year. Gone whole life without ovulating and since she started the formulas has started menstruating for the first time. Gone 26 years without ovulating and now can reproduce. Differences in her body that people do pick up on.

1:55 In Quick. In Autoimmune disease will the new cells be autoimmune as well?

Listen to testimonial – Don speaks about his progress to get off his meds [38:00]

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Show transcript: Dr Carolyn Dean Live 8-18-2014 Hour 2

Resource: Home Remedies for Colitis


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