Dr Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 8-25-14 Hour 1

Presentation: A night of amazing individuals taking their power back from corporate medicine and disconnected doctors to heal their bodies using natural modalities. Also, a review of current blogs including Magnesium Absorption and Magnesium as a Statin. Plus, update on International Shipping for RnA ReSet.

06:00 Shipping Information Ultra Priority Service with tracking and insurance. The cost is in some cases is ¼ of previous costs. Also, suggestions for how to have a beneficial customer service experience. Finally, reminder that the non-English speaking countries don’t offer Tracking

20:00/m: Launch of our official iTunes podcast for radio show archives

22:00 Overview of Carolyn’s recent blogs.

28:00 Ginney was speaking to Brian playing softball this summer and he can’t even get tired.

31:00 Phone call – area code 805.Cheri. Friends with Sherry and Joe. Listening to my show and Payday for only a week and ordered all the products. Fire Fighter. Cannot wear breathing apparatus when fighting brush fires. Recent episode –small fire in a condo, a lot of clean air – all the weight with the gear and up and down the stairs. It didn’t take very long for her HR to get to an irritable state. Had to go outside and take off mask. Started reading about ReMag and knew she needed this. Putting them in a liter bottle. Feel body has a lot of toxins. Up to ½ tsp ReMag and ¾ tsp ReMyte. Several questions about dosage and helping sick husband.

50:00 Phone call area 973 – Sara has surface rash. Discussion about Total Biology of Rash – conflict of Separation

57:00 into Hour 2 – Phone call area 919. Barbara – Can you describe the Completement Formulas

Listen to testimonial – Cheri talks about ReMag and ReMyte [31:00]

Listen to the archive: 

Resource: Magnesium Absorption Blog


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