Dr Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 8-25-14 Hour 2

Presentation: It’s the A-Fib freedom hour!  Great testimonials and information from folks who are achieving the freedom to deal with their A-Fib symptoms through natural modalities. 

1:09 Phone call area 479. Carolyn, come a long way in 1 week. Listened to old archives. Already seeing good stuff with the ReMag. With sea salt alone felt better. Had an AFib attack and I mentioned taking 1 tsp. and hadn’t The AFib attack was milder and only uncomfortable and lasted only 8 hrs and not 11 hrs. Now ¼ tsp of each of ReMag and ReMyte and put sea salt in the same liter of water. Very encouraged. Sometimes with an AFib attack can’t even walk. With this attack walked around and showered and then she converted. Digoxin once a day. Keep it away from supplements? So many people interested in what she is doing. Got through two music events – on the sea salt…with much less anxiety.

Was inspired when she heard that individuals are dealing with AFib being treatable without drugs or surgery.

Phone. Lisa from China. Felt the earthquake in Napa, California. 6.0. Didn’t have any damage. A unique experience with the house moving. Lisa doesn’t worry about the pollution or the food anymore.

1:32pm In Quick. Rachel. Client with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis – Compromised Liver

Take Completement Formulas: ReAline for detox; ReMag for opening the bronchial and ReMyte for all the minerals for hormones and immune function and RnA Drops for perfect cells.

Rachel: What about a Glutathione IV – ReAline for IV Vit – Liposomal Vit C

Calcium – ReMag, spray on the chest and nebulizer

1:40pm In Quick: 8 mo of muscle fasciculation’s after a fall

1:42. In Quick: Customer reports that her Incontinence was relieved by with ReMag and ReMyte

1:44 Johanna. 73 year old. 5 mo ago had an AFib episode and had to go into hospital went on for 4 hrs. had instances bfore and was able to calm with breathing and meditation. In hosp for 2.5 days. Cortiazem and Pedaxa blood thinner. Doing transdermal magnesium oil arms and legs. Evening does a magnesium bath and footbath during the day. Heart is much better and trying to get off the medications. Also taking magnesium citrate and magnesium taurate 1 of each. Also taking mineral salts. Just ordered ReMag and ReMyte.

1:58 Closing. And Bob showed up on Skype to say goodnight!

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