Month: September 2014

Happy Anniversary Times Two

Presentation: It’s the “Dr. Carolyn Dean LIVE” two year anniversary show featuring clips from previously recorded programs. Join Carolyn and Ginney as they review highlights of highly popular segments and a wide […]

Everybody Wins! Integrative Medicine Award

Presentation:  Awesome outcomes for both doctor and subscribers as Dr. Dean’s expertise and practical solutions for health and well-being are being recognized by the medical community as well as consumers around the […]

Dr. Carolyn Dean Radio Archive 4-21-14 Hour 2

Presentation: Another show where using minerals is highlighted. Most powerful moment, however, was when Dr. Carolyn said: “People take supplements out of fear, out of hope, out of faith they will work.” […]

Heart Health – Deconstructing Heart Supplements 9-2-14

Presentation:  Dr. Dean deconstructs some popular heart supplements to show our listening audience how to ‘discern’ the quantity, value and effectiveness of commonly recommended heart supplements. ALSO:  Dealing with severe insomnia, Total […]