Heart Health – Deconstructing Heart Supplements 9-2-14

Presentation:  Dr. Dean deconstructs some popular heart supplements to show our listening audience how to ‘discern’ the quantity, value and effectiveness of commonly recommended heart supplements. ALSO:  Dealing with severe insomnia, Total Biology of sleeplessness, using mineral to minimize the symptoms of mind imbalances including bi-polar disorder, ADHD, etc. plus more on Meniere’s Disease, Hashimoto’s Disease and Dr. Dean’s recommendations for books that address the emotional / conflict basis of disease.

Reading list:

Total Biology Books /German New Medicine Books:

Patrick Obissier: Biogenealogy:  Decoding the Psychic Roots of Illness: Freedom from the Ancestral Origins of Disease,

Gabor Mate: When The Body Says No

Cancer Is Not A Disease – It’s A Survival Mechanism: Andreas Moritz

Testimonial [Hour 2] John from Wisconsin – Migraine headaches, were severe. Doubled dose on ReMag but wasn’t’ taking sea salt. Was taking regular sea salt and just tasted like salt water. Tried Celtic sea salt…and what a difference and is migraine free now. Had the migraines for 15 years and worse the last year, twice weekly and lasting for 24 hrs. in the last two weeks and even doing things that trigger it and nothing. Every now and then might feel something and had forgotten to take his sea salt water. Because of this success will go back on completement formulas.

Listen to the show:

Hour One

Hour Two

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