Month: October 2014

Age Busters Power Summit for Men and MORE 10-20-14 Radio Archive

The Age Busters Power Summit for Men that runs from Thursday, Oct 16, 2014 until Thursday, Oct 30, 2014. Carolyn is contributing much of her wisdom and insight to the summit on Thursday, […]

Information from Autoimmune Testimonials 4-7-14 Radio Archive Hour 2

Presentation: Autoimmune Diseases, Yeast, and Completement Products – Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 4-7-14-2 1:40 Comparison of ReMag and Calm; Magnesium for Sleeplessness; ReNew, Warts, and Autoimmunity 9:56 How to find out if […]

The Eye’s Have It! Carolyn Dean Live Archive 10-13-14

Two hours of common sense information, nutrient-based recommendations and inspiring caller content in today’s show! The take away: you are not limited by what your doctor, friends or any other source of […]

Using Minerals to Boost the Body’s Response to Surgery

Using Minerals to Boost the Body’s Response to Surgery and Improve Recovery Times. Having surgery or know someone who is? Tonight’s show is a great primer for folks who are preparing their body […]

Toxicity and The Completement Formulas 9-29-2014 Archive

Dextoxing the Completement Formula Way – suggested use for individuals with extreme toxicity or chronic conditions who want to use the Completement Formulas, Carolyn outlines her suggestions for using the products. ALSO […]