Using Minerals to Boost the Body’s Response to Surgery

Using Minerals to Boost the Body’s Response to Surgery and Improve Recovery Times. Having surgery or know someone who is? Tonight’s show is a great primer for folks who are preparing their body for surgery, for anyone who is visiting a loved one in the hospital, and for folks who want to achieve a quick recovery from surgery with Completement Formulas! Plus, amazing callers from around the world share their experiences and input as they strive for perfect, optimal health.

Listen to the show – Hour 1:

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Listen to the show – Hour 2:

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Blog resource: Minerals for Post Surgical Hypertension

Referral resource: Total Biology – Turn Point Health – Dr. David Holt


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  1. Aloha,
    My wife just came home after a 6 day hospital stay.
    She underwent a partial colectemy to remove a confined malignant tumor from the lower colon. She eating small frequent soft foods, gator aide, some ReMyte and ReMag (doesn’t like the taste), could we substitute with magnesium on her skin? How about the ReMyte on the skin? Any suggestions on diet that will encourage healing…she has had only 1 bowel movement in 3 days.
    She is taking cotylenol, a nausea pill and stool softener. Dizzy and weak. Desperate to help her! Thank you!

    • Hello, Steve –

      GINNEY here – this question is best suited to the support email line – let me offer you an initial response and say yes, of course, ReMag and ReMyte both through the skin is just fine – rub it on the abdomen and lower back.

      I will send this to Dr. Dean for her response – it’s a holiday weekend so I don’t know how long will take before I hear back from her. You will get a private email when I have her reply.

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