Sleep Disorders = Magnesium Deficiency Dr. Carolyn Dean Live 10-27-14

Do you struggle to get to sleep no matter how tired you are? Or do you wake up in the middle of the night and lie awake for hours, anxiously watching the clock? Insomnia is a common problem that takes a toll on your energy, mood, health, and ability to function during the day. Yet many individuals and doctors do not recognize that a major culprit in sleep disorders and insomnia is magnesium deficiency.  Listen to this weeks show as magnesium users from around the world describe the benefits of magnesium use – chief among them being a good nights sleep!  Plus…strategies to achieve magnesium saturation, working with lupus and a young child’s nose bleeds could signal family conflict.

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  1. It really scares me that I have had symptoms of magnesium deficiency for years and doctor put me on this and that. I now have progressed with my symptoms to the point of heart skipping beats. I knew that if I went to the doctor there would be a million tests and Meds …more than one. Didn’t want to go that way and cried thinking “What should I do? “. then a friend heard Dr. Dean on The Peoples Pharmacy and called me and told me it sounded like me so I listened to the show on my iPad. I had been taking Life Extension Magnesium for constipation and wondered how I could be deficient while taking it. As I listened I made a list of the things I was doing that were eating up my magnesium and that made me see how it could still be low. I started taking two at different times and spraying my feet with the oil. Now my beats only skip maybe one time every three or four days so I went a step more and ordered her drops. I hope this will get me back on track. I also took her advice from the show and found an MD about three hours a way. I have an appointment Jan. 20. this doctor is out of network for my insurance but I don’t care!! I am so happy to have found him? Thank you DR Dean. You may have saved my life!!!

  2. Are there any products suitable for children that are chewable? My son will not take ReMag or ReMyte as he finds the taste to overpowering (no matter what I put it in). Are there any alternatives?

    • Hello, Kate! Oh, gosh, we know – our products are concentrated and kids don’t usually like the taste but you can use both products topically – like rub it on their feet at night or use the ReMag Lotion – both will work wonderfully!

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