Step One – Educate Yourself! Radio Archive 2-23-2015

Doctor, naturopath, educator, and author of over 30 books Dr. Carolyn Dean shares a wealth of information on her weekly radio broadcast. Tonight, a comprehensive, holistic, and complete presentation of factual information on how to take personal responsibility for your health and get the control of your body back! Step One: Educate Yourself beginning with the basics of magnesium deficiency symptoms, good nutrition and what to expect from a healthy, balanced body. Then, move with confidence into your own committed action plan to integrate beneficial choices, including magnesium and mineral supplementation, into your lifestyle. Finally, our regular listeners benefit from the group wisdom as they, too, learn how to fine tune their approach to health, vitality and well-being. Plus, fun, inspiring, invigorating information from our callers as well as a review of the Magnesium 101 Guide.

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Resource – Magnesium_THE Ultimate Guide Dr. Carolyn Dean



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