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Do you expect to experience consistent, incremental improvement in the function of your body, mind and emotions as you move though life?  If not, you may be missing something rather ‘elemental’ – like the ‘elemental’ minerals found in our Completement Formulas!  On today’s radio broadcast Ginney and Dr. Carolyn Dean listen as readers and callers report their ever increasing, always improving results as they incorporate the minerals, essential nutrients and amino acids found in ReMag, ReMyte, ReAline and RnA Drops into their daily health regime.  ALSO wonderful audience participation on the phones and compelling information including the Total Biology of Rheumatoid Arthritis provided in response to our weekly Mail Bag PLUS how you get 33 teaspoons of sugar from bananas!! 56 molecules of magnesium to 1 molecule of fructose…a word of caution to the raw food folks!

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