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Researchers have now detected 3,751 magnesium-binding sites on human proteins, indicating that its role in human health and disease may have been vastly underestimated. Additionally, there have been several significant studies about magnesium’s role in keeping your metabolism running efficiently—specifically in terms of insulin sensitivity, glucose regulation, and protection from type 2 diabetes.

Source:  Magnesium and Diabetes

Tonight on Dr. Carolyn Dean Live we will review the information provided in the above-reference article by our own Dr. Carolyn Dean as well as many callers, interactions and incredible testimonials like this one:

Hi Ginney,

I have been reading more of Carolyn’s “Magnesium Miracle” book, and i know without a doubt for anyone in my part of the world that wants to listen, I am and will continue to suggest this book as a must read!

My husband and I are going on towards week 4 of first beginning with salted Himalayan water, and slowing building up ReMag, adding ReAline and now RnA Drops and ReMyte on this coming Tues.

The changes are phenomenal: My husband’s blue colored hands and nails are” NOW PINK” and he is 82 yrs. young! He has done some detoxing as we are also doing a Yeast Detox, the mucus he has released and is releasing is unbelievable, his facial skin is beginning to look pink, his nose is no longer blue colored. HE says his confusion is less, and he is so positive on the changes, I am so excited to see what other beautiful ways his health will improve.

For myself, I think I could fly to Hawaii and back several times for all the money I have spent in the last 35 + years on buying natural supplements, herbs to help calm my anxiety and fear. To think that Magnesium is giving me an inner life I only dreamed off–my heart is quiet , no arrhythmia, no rapid heart beat, I’m just happy to be a human “be”ing , not a human “do”ing just feel happier inside. I have no desire to cry like I did each day. I was waking up each night for about a year with my fingers falling asleep and that has stopped also, and the few varicose veins I have are less noticeable, and my hair is curlier! Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and her name is Dr. Carolyn Dean.

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