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Under-active over 60? Suffering from health complications including weakened immune systems, lowered energy levels or even chronic health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis? Making changes in mineral and nutrient intake can make amazing differences in the shortest period of timing.  Tonight, Dr. Carolyn Dean reviews the benefits of electrolyte and magnesium supplementation as well as many other topics including treating yeast overgrowth, atrial fibrillation and addressing thyroid issues with ReMyte Mineral Solution plus amazing testimonials like this one:

Dear Ginney,
First, let me begin by giving  our unlimited  gratitude (again) to Dr. Carolyn Dean!
I wrote to you last week (for the radio show) how my 82 yr. old husband ‘s hands , lips , mouth were no longer blue etc. after only beginning Remag (slowly) on Mar.7 this year, and beginning a yeast detox.

Today I can write to tell you that he cannot remember when his  sense of taste and smell was so good. The very best part is that the last 3 days  he informed me he has noticed how much clearer his mind is; he could relate to me where he went on his long walk yesterday without struggling for the words [which he was having trouble finding before] meaning he could see his walk  (in his mind) but could not describe exactly where he went. I was speechless, and then he said,  “well did you not notice I had become quieter?” Woweee! Is this amazing or what? HE is beginning to be  much more engaged and more proactive. 

HE goes thru the day saying isn’t there something I should be taking now? He is a believer!

Dr. Dean, you are more than the instrument for change.You give people (if they so desire) the information and products for a quality life. 

In any relationship, when one member is suffering everyone suffers so our hearts thank you for the quality of life we are beginning to experience. Stay tuned ————-!  Margaret and Bill Lee (from Canada)

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