Fine Tuning Your Protocols – Carolyn Dean MD ND

The Completement Formulas created by Dr. Carolyn Dean are thoroughly beneficial for health and well-being as they are in the bottle but imagine the joy of being able to exceed the quality of the protocols by talking directly with the amazing woman who created them! Every week listeners from around the world call in to speak with the author of The Magnesium Miracle and IBS for Dummies to learn more about how to use mineral protocols to alleviate sickness and disease.  As Dr. Dean often says, “you don’t have a disease, you have a mineral deficiency!”

Learn more by listening tonight

Hour One – right click to download


Hour One – right click to download


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  1. I ‘ve been taking ReAline caps for 3 days and have terrible gas. Is this normal and how long does it last ? Are they necessary to take, because I work and the odor is strong.

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