Birds of a Feather Achieve Goals Together – Dr. Carolyn Dean

“There IS a way to achieve your happiness and health goals”, said Kerry Tepedino to Dr. Carolyn Dean on today’s weekly radio broadcast. Kerry is the organizer of the Global Health Summit, a great symposium of 21 different speakers and professionals who are committed to helping YOU succeed with your weight loss, body image and self-awareness goals. Today Kerry was our guest for the first half-hour of the show and jumped on the phone today to talk with her vision for health, vitality, and well-being for herself and others.  Learn more about her work on the Global Health Summit as well as Carolyn’s participation as one of the highly valued experts on the Global Health Summit panel and how you can harness the energy, expertise, and enthusiasm of all the participants to capitulate yourself into new results! ALSO, product updates, great caller interactions and lots of positive, powerful exchanges between listeners and the most wonderful Dr. Carolyn Dean.

Resource: Global Health Summit info

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