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Cardiovascular disease includes heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. It’s the number one killer of men and women in the U.S., and the leading cause of disability that prevents Americans from working, and enjoying activities with family members and loved ones. Many cases of cardiovascular disease can be prevented – the obvious options being healthy diet, exercise, and holistic, supportive lifestyle can all help to prevent cardiovascular disease. In addition to a great diet, magnesium and mineral supplementation is KEY to promoting heart health.  Learn more about managing the risk for heart disease from one of the world’s leading magnesium experts, Dr. Carolyn Dean. ALSO…how to make your own Vitamin C Complex, using minerals to support weight loss, and proper metabolism function with RnA Drops.

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Vitamin C Complex in Liposomal form: There is a new “fad” in the supplement world to mix ascorbic acid with lecithin. It’s called Liposomal Vitamin C. Mixing nutrients with fat-soluble lecithin helps absorption through fatty cell membranes. However ascorbic acid is not Vitamin C complex it’s just one of the 12 compounds that make up Vitamin C complex. Instead of purchasing a liposomal ascorbic acid supplement, you can make a much more effective and less expensive compound using rose hip powder, which gives you the whole Vitamin C complex. I thank Sue, who is a T-Tapp trainer for her Liposomal Vitamin C Recipe.

a.  3 TBSP of non GMO soy lecithin granules dissolved in 1 cup of very warm purified water. (Purchased from Vitacost.)

b.  2 TBSP of Rosehip powder dissolved in half a cup of warm purified water. (Purchased from Vitacost.)

c.  When the two solutions are dissolved individually (a few hours at room temperature) put them in a blender and mix well. (I leave the two jars in the fridge overnight, they dissolve so well I don’t need to blend them.)

d. Then, put the blended solution in an ultrasound jewelry cleaner for 30 mins. Watch the video below to learn more. I purchased my jewelry cleaner from Amazon.

e. Use glass jars.

Dosage is 2 TBSP (1 ounce) per day. The best time to take liposomal Vitamin C is in the morning on an empty stomach or several times a day if you are treating an acute condition.

Article on Natural News: Vitamin C: Mega-dose Healing

YouTube on Liposomal Vitamin C: Making Liposomal Vitamin C

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  1. I have been making the Liposomal Vitamin C, using sunflower lecithin, for six months and have tried it both ways, mixing and not mixing before putting it in the ultrasonic container. I stir each solution before refrigerating, but sometimes there are very small lumps in the lecithin solution after I take it out of the refrigerator so I prefer mixing the two solutions together in the Vitamix at low speed for a minute or so before the ultrasonics. The key for me was to leave each solution in separate containers in the refrigerator overnight. Prior to that I was getting a lot of foam but even then, after ultrasonics and stirring, the foam would be gone.

    I have the Isonic ultrasonic cleaner. The first batch I made was with just 16 oz (using two cups of water as in Carolyn Dean’s recipe). This did not fill the basin to the “minimum” fill line in the basin. There was a lot of sputtering during the ultrasonic process, due probably to not enough liquid in the container.

    Since then I’ve tried 24 oz and 32 oz with excellent results, increasing the amounts of rose hip powder and lecithin proportionally. I stir constantly for thirty minutes and the final solution comes out silky smooth with no foam at all. The taste is actually very refreshing.

    The 32 oz amount lasts about two weeks, maybe a little longer, when I take 1 TBS twice a day. (Now, after listening to the program where Carolyn says she has 3 to 4 TBS in her smoothie, I am increasing my dosage and may make larger batches).

    Between two and three weeks in the refrigerator the emulsion begins separating and if I don’t consume it all before that happens I make a new batch.

    Thank you, Dr. Dean for making all this information available in your books, blogs and radio shows.

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