Iodine – Your Thyroid’s Best Friend — Dr. Carolyn Dean

Iodine is an essential mineral and a diet rich in iodine has been shown to reduce risks from many forms of chronic degenerative condition. Even more crucial than its role in the body’s immune system is iodine’s essential role within thyroid hormones. Tonight, Dr. Carolyn Dean reviews the benefits of iodine as well as iodide and includes her perspective on proper iodine mineral supplementation which includes balancing iodine with the eight other minerals that provide the thyroid with all it needs to function optimally. Plus, in Hour Two you’ll find extensive information on magnesium supplementation and atrial fibrillation support along with great testimonials and lots of joy at the success folks are experiencing as their health, joy and lifestyle improves as a result of using The Completement Formulas.

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  1. My thyroid was removed in 2009 because I had a goiter that was choking me (no cancer). Since then I have struggled with balancing my minerals (a constant battle with intense, painful muscle spasms and cramps especially in the extremities, but in other areas also, such as legs, shoulders, and groin) and the thyroid supplements and drugs for related depression, hormone imbalances, cholesterol issues, and adult ADD that I take to function mentally and physically. Do you have a protocol for someone in my situation, no thyroid?

    If this is not the best forum to submit my question, please direct me to the right one. Thanks!

    • Hello, Beverley!

      Thank you for your note – yes, Carolyn can make some recommendations for you – however, it is best to do that through a more private forum. I will transfer your inquiry to and then ask her to reply to your question. GINNEY

      • Hello, I am looking to get in the private forum. I also am unable to get the audio on thyroid, is there a specific link to it?

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