Magnesium and ATP Production — Dr. Carolyn Dean Live

Nutritional magnesium is deeply involved in energy production, oxygen uptake, central nervous system function, electrolyte balance, glucose metabolism and muscle activity, including that all important muscle—the heart. Magnesium plays an essential role in many of the functions of energy production itself. It is an integral part of the energy (ATP) and protein (enzymes – as co-factor and as a structural component of the muscle protein, myosin) molecules—without which the energy to contract and relax the heart does not occur properly. Magnesium is also an essential element in the construction of the cell membrane and vitally important to the electrolyte balance of cells. In that the heart is composed of cells, magnesium plays a role in the integral strength of the heart muscle itself. When magnesium levels begin to get too low the body tries very hard to adapt, but these basic functions of energy production and cell structure can be affected, and when they are, symptoms of heart or cardiovascular disease can begin to manifest.

On tonight’s radio show Dr. Carolyn Dean spends a great amount of time putting the equation together on magnesium and ATP as well as many other topics including iodine and thyroid conditions, comments and outcomes from the information provided in the new book Remineralize Your Heart and much more!

Resource:  ATP Requires Mg

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