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Chronic illness frequently is diagnosed in very black and white terms such as arthritis, asthma, ulcer and psoriasis. However, many chronic conditions are not as easily diagnosed and present incredible frustration for both doctor and patient. For example many patients have, at a relatively young age 30-40, difficulties with remembering and calculating simple sales register receipts. Obviously it is very unlikely that these individuals have major brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s. But what can explain these lessened abilities to think in apparently normal persons? Others continue to experience recurrent upper respiratory infections, sinusitis, sore throats, ear infections and colds with no apparent cause. Despite numerous rounds of antibiotics, even throat or ear surgery, they continue to have infection after infection. Other patients have terrible digestive tract disorders with continuous gas, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, bloating or heartburn, trying all sorts of medications and diets with little relief of their symptoms. What could be the cause of these symptoms? As unbelievable as it may be to many patients and doctors, this often ignored yeast, Candida albicans, can frequently be the culprit. Source: Whole Approach

Once you’ve determined that Candida is, in fact, the culprit in your situation then you begin the glorious adventure of ridding your body of the yeasts that hide in the colon and reek havoc on the body.  Even with using the most advanced protocols, symptoms can linger. In Hour Two of tonight’s show, Dr. Carolyn Dean talks with a caller about the emotional aspects of yeast overgrowth and what to do to relieve the mind of contrast and conflict in order to help the healing process.

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AFFIRMATION: A Small Property

I was a small property ravaged by a storm. The fine weather has returned. The forest and the river have become calm. The house is vibrant and shines in the sun. And above all, the field is returning to its order, health and beauty. Thank you my diseased/depleted organs, for I know you have done all this to save my whole being. And thanks to myself for doing my healing.

Repeat this 10 times, 3X/day. To be repeated 10 times in the morning (before getting up), around lunch time for another 10 times; and 10 times at night (just before falling asleep) … To be repeated in a calm and relaxing atmosphere, in the darkness … To be verbalized with consciousness. Take the time to visualize and identify each symbol as clearly as possible. Write down any dreams that you remember!

GENERAL AFFIRMATION: I am filled with love and understanding.

STRATEGY: To break the links to past illness, listen to the “Time to Say Goodbye”

STRATEGY: The link breaker: Walnut – Bach Flower Remedy

“I break all links that hinder my growth.”

Dosage: 5-10 drops three times a day


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The Whole Approach Yeast Detox is something that Dr. Dean just modifies to be a 4 week protocol –

The WholeApproach® Protocol is a five-phase natural product protocol that has been successfully used at the East West Clinic in Minnesota for the treatment of Candidiasis (a systemic yeast overgrowth also known as CRC – Candida Related Complex). You can read about the WholeApproach® Protocol on this web site and in more detail in the book, “Conquering Yeast Infections, the Non-Drug Solution for Men and Women” by S. Colet Lahoz (Director of the East West Clinic). The WholeApproach® Protocol is based on the core program developed by Andrew Gutauskus, a Canadian Pharmacist and CEO of Attogram Corporation.

The 4-week program Dr. Dean recommends is a protocol utilize a colon cleansing drink that starts treating the candida where it originates, in the colon. The drink consists of three products that are described below. Because of its powerful absorptive and cleansing impact, it has been affectionately dubbed, the ‘Purge Drink’. This drink can be continued throughout all phases of the protocol.

The ‘Purge Drink’ is made up of the combination of liquid Bentonite, Psyllium husk & seed blend, water and Caproyl (liquid suspended caprylic acid.)  Mix one tablespoon of each in 8 oz of water and drink that quickly – followed up by another 8 oz of water.  A high quality Acidophilus Probiotic Blend is taken separately on an empty stomach. The Attogram Psyllium Husk and Seed Blend is smooth mixing, high quality, contaminant-free psyllium product. When mixed with the Bentonite  clay liquid it is an important support during the initial colon cleanse because it soaks up mycotoxins that are produced as the yeast and fungus are killed off.

Follow the program as follows – 3 weeks purge drink with the elimination diet [eliminate wheat, dairy, and sugar].  Then 1 week elimination diet only.  Then evaluate how you feel at the end of 5 weeks.

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