Nutrients Essential for Human Health — Dr. Carolyn Dean Live

Healthy, biologically alive soil is the basis for nutrition security for all people and every single organism on the Earth. Within our limited and deteriorating supply of topsoil is the foundation for the nutrients essential for human health and the health of all other organisms on Earth.

In the United States and throughout the world there is a widespread lack of adequate nutrition in both in the agricultural soils in which food is grown and in harvested food. A critical need exists to halt the alarming declines in the world’s supply of topsoil and to increase the nutritional values of our food.

The last 50 years has resulted in the destruction of over 50% of our supply of topsoil needed for food production. Extensive topsoil has been lost through the overuse of inorganic fertilizers, erosion and farming practices that deplete soil nutrients.

The nutrient values of harvested food are linked to the biological activity of soil microbes, soil organic matter, the mineral composition of the soil, fertilization practices and the genetics of the plant. Exhausted soils depleted of needed minerals and organic material cannot grow healthy, nutrient rich food.

Tonight on Dr. Carolyn Dean Live magnesium and minerals are on center stage as we talk about our bodies, our environments and our options for extraordinary health! Plus, relief from fibromyalgia pain, chronic disease and much more!

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